Opportunity to invest in the Retirement Village Industry.

The retirement village industry is an industry with the market due to double over the next 25 years. Karaka Pines Villages offer you the opportunity to invest directly in a retirement village. Each village is a separate investment opportunity. A group of investors own each village, while KPV develops and manages the villages, with the returns flowing to the investors in that village. CEO Adam Yates and the team have a long history of providing excellent returns to investors in their village developments.

This is an ethical investment opportunity where your funds not only provide an excellent return but can positively contribute to New Zealand society.

Ethical Investment
KPV provides an ethical option for those looking at investing in retirement villages. KPV’s model provides residents with the freedom to make financial choices through receiving the benefits of the capital gain of their unit when they sell, minus a 12.5% – 20% facilities fee and renovation costs. In the majority of New Zealand retirement villages the resident only receives 70-80% of the original buy price. While providing a much fairer option to residents investors can still expect to receive excellent returns.

A Point of Difference in a Growing Market
The baby boomers are just reaching the age, 70 plus, where they consider moving into a retirement village. In 2016 NZ had 698,000 people over the age of 65 but this will grow to 1,340,000 over the next 25 years. At KPV our experience is that our different financial model will appeal to the 88%* of those aged over 75 who currently don’t live in retirement villages, as well as the 12% that do.

* JLL Retirement Village Whitepaper

Experience CEO of KPV, Adam Yates, has been developing and managing retirement villages for Manor Group Investments Ltd for 20 years. During this time Adam realised the traditional model is not fair and he has developed what we call our Next Generation model. This allows residents to keep their capital gain. We do deduct a fee but this is considerably smaller than in most villages. Currently KPV has five villages under its management, four are under development, a 310 unit village in Drury, Auckland, one in Hobsonville, Auckland and one each in Hamilton and Christchurch. In Bethlehem, Tauranga we manage a village which is full with a waiting list. As new villages are brought to market they will be offered to those investors who have registered interest. Call one of our team or email us to discuss investing.