What we believe in

We believe the traditional model is not fair, it’s not right and we are actively working to change it.

We are often asked why we operate a capital gain model, what we call the Next Generation model, when the traditional model returns such great profits. It’s just that we don’t believe that model is fair. Those profits come from the village residents’ lifetimes of building wealth. This can trap residents in villages where they do not want to stay as they no longer have the equity to be able to move.

At Karaka Pines Villages we are proud to be able to design, build and manage retirement villages that we believe have a liberating effect on our residents. Fundamentally we want to treat people in a way which reflects a greater human understanding. Of course, the villages must function well and be easy to live in, but most of all, they must treat people fairly.

We are passionate about sustainability and believe that we can make a difference. As such we have joined with other like minded businesses in New Zealand in the Sustainable Business Network. Over the next few months we will be developing our policy in this area while at the same time being mindful that this must also work for our residents and investors.