Karaka Pines Villages – Lifestyle Retirement Villages with a Difference.

Live in a village where you’ll be better off in every way. Our Next Generation financial model means you get the capital gain upon sale of your unit and not the village operator. You get to live in a generous sized, beautifully appointed home surrounded with lovely landscaping and you get time to enjoy the community that is life in Karaka Pines Village. It’s all about giving you choice in life, be that choosing to leave a legacy for your grandchildren, your favourite charity or the freedom to choose what to do with your time – because we take away your cares.

Better off in every way.

In a Karaka Pines village our aim is to have our residents thrive in their retirement, to be content in their homes and enjoying life. We provide a community and an environment that takes care of your concerns around safety and security, removes anxiety around your home and property, provides a community of like minded people and where we are able we provide a pathway of care in or alongside our village.

Importantly, in a Next Generation retirement village, the resident gets the capital gain when the unit is sold, with a choice of facilities fee to suit your financial situation, leaving the resident financially far better off.