Karaka Pines Villages – Better Off in Every Way

KPV develops and manages retirement villages throughout New Zealand, to provide Kiwis with better retirement options. KPV villages are financially and socially rewarding to both residents and investors.

NEWSFLASH:   Regency Park Estate in Rotorua has just joined Karaka Pines Villages. As a village that lets the residents get the capital gain it fits well within the KPV group.

The Residents are better off in every way.

In a Karaka Pines village, the residents experience a warm, safe and relaxing environment within a friendly community, while the on-site manager looks after any concerns or maintenance issues. Importantly, in a KPV Next Generation retirement village, the resident gets the capital gain when the unit is sold, less a facilities fee of between 10% – 25%, leaving the resident financially far better off.

Investors get excellent returns with ethical investing.

KPV’s retirement villages are based on a much fairer model for residents while providing excellent returns to investors. The traditional retirement village model takes a large proportion of the equity residents have in their units. KPV wishes to see greater numbers of New Zealanders benefiting from the Next Generation model and is looking for investors to bring more of this type of village to the New Zealand market.